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At Green Exponent we do not encourage the idea of snooping into other people’s business, thus the minimalism.

If you share our philology of encouraging Circularity, to Collaborate, Cultivate and Congify.... Let’s do that, together...

Simplifying Engineering, Cognifying Design

Product or Process... Technical or Techno-economic... Research & Design, In Office, On-field or Offshore.... If you are looking for innovative solutions in waterborne transport and energy sector, we might be able to amplify your project's efficiency.

Fun, Food and kindred Spirits

Hospitality division of Green Exponent, which in collaboration with micro-distilleries and micro-breweries serves you with House Spirits like Rum, Gin and some light hearted, strong flavoured beers at our restaurants, cafes and food trucks.

PS: "Skies" spelled “Skys” is #Obviously a constant reminder, don’t drink and design :)

Agropreneurial Socialising

Cultivation of basic nutritional needs of all living souls, spread of hectares of green fields. We not only make efforts to generate revenue by way of Circular farming but (strongly) believe in sharing portion of our produce with food banks...

PS: When we have more than we need, we must build (many) bigger table(s)....

Invest, Innovate and Incentivise

In an effort to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, be it on industry level or academic, this research and investment arm assists the talented, hardworking and goal oriented minds to further their ambitions. This arm not only invests in start-up projects but also sponsors university/college projects with potential.